Why Use Schedule 80 PVC and CPVC

A properly designed and installed PVC or CPVC piping system is cost effective and virtually
maintenance free. 25 years of trouble free service is a reasonable expectation when the system is
operated within the temperature and pressure design parameters.
• Easy installation, no special tools required
• Easily joined with chemically resistant Solvent Cements
• Light weight, 1/6th the weight of steel
• Reduces transportation, handling and installation costs
• Low friction loss, smooth seamless interior surfaces allow high flow rates with low friction
head loss
• High strength material and thick pipe walls resist stress from thermal movement, vibration,
water hammer and misalignment
• Corrosion free external and internal surfaces are resistant to most common chemicals
• Chemically inert PVC and CPVC does not contaminate the piped fluid. Does not cause bad
taste, odours or discolouration
• Immune to galvanic or electrolytic attack. Can be used with and connected to all metals or
underground in acid soils
• Fire resistant. PVC and CPVC are self-extinguishing and do not support combustion
• Low thermal conductivity compared to metal pipes. Pumped fluids maintain a more
constant temperature, reducing pipe insulation costs and condensation issues